"Linda Pittari has created a sustainable assessment and development model that can be applied in virtually any corporate setting."

Lynda M. Applegate
Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

"Linda Pittari is one of the best executive coaches in the country. Her experience, wisdom, common sense and keen understanding of people and organizations allow her to support leaders in becoming the very best they can be – and taking their organizations to new levels of success."

Annie McKee, Ph.D.
Co-Chair & Managing Director
Teleos Leadership Institute

In the book Primal Leadership Daniel Goleman, Richard Boystzis and Annie McKee comment:
  • "Pittari began to peel back the onion, look at root issues and the deep-seated reasons why people succeeded or failed in the context of the culture."

  • "Pittari crafted a process that changed both the culture and the lives of individuals who worked in the company every day."

  • "She understood the importance of looking broadly at the business' underlying culture and how it supported or inhibited leadership.   That is a dramatic difference from most development programs — which begin and end with the individual."

"Linda has an uncanny ability to identify and develop leadership talent.   The assessment process clearly helps managers reach their true potential."

David H. Komansky
Chairman Emeritus
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

"Linda Pittari has revolutionized managerial assessment and development.   By creating interactive role modeling, candidates are evaluated as to their strengths, weaknesses and development needs.   I consider the process 'best in class' for the maintenance and growth of a management team."

Joseph Grano
Chairman & CEO, Centurion Holding LLC

"After the assessment process, I felt I had an ally in my success.   It seemed that Linda was available every step of the way, coaching me through some of the most challenging moments of my career."

Robert E. Mulholland
Head of Wealth Management Advisor Group at UBS