Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should your company choose ManagerSelector™?

ManagerSelector™ provides a consistent selection process for a company's most important resource, managers. It is based on a proven methodology that has been used successfully by a number of Fortune 500 companies. The designers of ManagerSelector™ have many years of experience selecting and developing managers.

2. Why is ManagerSelector™ a better process than an interview?

In ManagerSelector™ the evaluator watches the applicant in action. This is different from a simple interview where an applicant only discusses what he or she has accomplished. The new tool should be used with every prospective manager. Anyone who is going to enter management should go through the process. The assessment interview which is part of the process focuses on success dimensions and the activities simulate a day in the life of a manager. The interview and simulations enable both evaluators and applicants to determine if applicants have the attributes necessary to succeed in management.

3. How do you know the dimensions in ManagerSelector™ are appropriate for your managers?

Based on the many years of experience selecting, training and developing managers, the developers of ManagerSelector™ identified dimensions critical for success in management positions. The dimensions used in ManagerSelector™ are universal traits needed by managers regardless of industry. These dimensions were verified by reviewing several job analyses, literature about management selection and discussions with selection experts and executive management.

4. Why do the challenges faced in ManagerSelector™ work regardless of your business?

Managers in all businesses and industries are challenged to motivate and develop employees, work with team members across the organization, solve problems, present ideas and improve performance. All of the activities in ManagerSelector™ measure potential in these areas because evaluators observe applicant behavior in meeting challenges. The focus on behavior is what is critical to the outcome of the process.

5. How are evaluators chosen?

Evaluators are chosen from among the best managers in an organization. By using these experienced managers to choose the organization's future leaders, a culture of excellence is built. The process for selecting managers based on the judgment of successful managers gives ManagerSelector™ credibility.

6. Why is the role player important?

By using a successful manager as a role player roles are played consistently from applicant to applicant in a way that reflects the organizational culture. The role player witnesses the entire process and may be called upon as an evaluator in the future.

7. Can this tool be used for internal and external applicants?

The tool can be used for both internal and external applicants. For internal applicants the background information is richer i.e., manager recommendation form, performance appraisal etc. For external applicants only the resume is available.

8. ManagerSelector™ is a significant time commitment, is it worth it?

Hiring mistakes in the role of manager are extremely costly to an organization because they impact employee morale, productivity and turnover. Since ManagerSelector™ can improve management selection, the time commitment is worthwhile. By involving high performing managers as evaluators and role players you provide recognition to those managers, create an environment where they can share ideas and energize them around the selection of future leaders.

9. What can you really get out of a role play?

A role play allows evaluators to see an applicant in action. Evaluators assess applicant behavior and make collective decisions based on relevant dimensions displayed throughout each activity in ManagerSelector™.

10. Can applicants be prepped for ManagerSelector™?

Although applicants can be prepped by learning about what they will experience in ManagerSelector™ through the grapevine or in an organized information preparation session, the best preparation is for applicants to experience management challenges on the job or in community activities. Since it is impossible for the applicant to know in advance what other members of their team may offer in a group activity or the specifics of a role player's responses, applicant reactions cannot be prepped.

11. Once the activities become known, is ManagerSelector™ still effective?

As ManagerSelector™ is implemented over time, the factual information will become known to applicants. Having factual information does not dictate how an applicant will react in ManagerSelector™. Therefore, ManagerSelector™ remains effective.

12. Will using ManagerSelector™ cause turnover?

If the feedback session is handled properly, no increase in turnover should occur. The results of ManagerSelector™ may be used to develop employees. The organization could provide an opportunity for applicants to return to ManagerSelector™ following implementation of an individualized development plan.

13. Does everyone who is successful in ManagerSelector™ succeed?

Although ManagerSelector™ cannot guarantee success it does raise the likelihood of success. There are other variables that contribute to manager success i.e. training and development, mentoring, motivation, organizational support. ManagerSelector™ is a single variable in the selection process.

14. Why do applicants get a self-assessment when it is not used in evaluating them?

The self-assessment provides applicants with insight into the dimensions that will be evaluated in ManagerSelector™. It gives applicants the opportunity to rate themselves on these dimensions and think about how their experiences reflect the dimensions. Although applicant ratings are not used by evaluators, they may be used during the feedback sessions.