For organizations who want to implement a consistent selection process without the high costs and time commitment of a customized solution, ManagerSelector™ may be the answer. It relies on a face to face delivery method that uses successful leaders in your organization to select future leaders. By seeing applicants in action addressing challenges managers typically face, evaluators use success dimensions to judge management potential. Using proven leaders as evaluators; selecting candidates with management potential; reducing turnover in management roles and increasing satisfaction among subordinates, a culture of excellence is created throughout the organization.

ManagerSelector™ is available for immediate implementation. It provides a realistic preview of job performance and helps your organization make smarter decisions about promoting individuals.

Dr. Ronald M. Schwartz, Ph.D. has reviewed the product and states the following:

“As a Human Resources, Training and Executive Development Director at financial services companies, I was responsible for selecting and developing leaders. Early in my career I developed the first Assessment Center for Merrill Lynch. A version of this process continued for over 30 years. Assessment tools like this became the gold standard throughout the financial services industry.

I have reviewed ManagerSelector™ and can endorse it as a highly effective tool for selecting leaders. The dimensions evaluated are:

  • Leadership
  • Impact
  • Communication Skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • Problem Analysis
  • People Management
Based on my experience with selecting and developing leaders, the dimensions evaluated by ManagerSelector™ appear to be relevant and necessary for success. ManagerSelector™ provides insight into whether individuals can do what they say they can do. By involving outstanding leaders within an organization as evaluators, the development of an organizational culture and legacy of leadership can be shaped and continued.”